Dr. Diane Howard has a heart for God and His message to the world, and she travels, speaks and writes with an intensity and excitement that reflects her passion for this ministry. In addition to writing about international missions and ministries, she also writes about redemptive movies, media, and TV and conducts interviews with many of the writers, directors and actors that help create these redemptive works.

Here’s her article she wrote after speaking with Carolyn Weber, on whom the movie, “Surprised by Oxford” is based:

‘Paradoxical Surprises’—Truth in Oxford

Here’s her discussion with Donnie Emerson and Nancy Emerson, and with Bill Pohlad about the new film, “Dreamin’ Wild”:

‘Dreamin’ Wild’—For Such a Time as This

Here’s her interview with Karl Horstmann about the new film, “On a Wing and a Prayer”:

‘On a Wing and a Prayer’—Just ‘Plane’ Faith

Here’s her interview with John and Andrew Erwin about the new film, “Jesus Revolution”:

‘Jesus Revolution’—A Movie and a Movement

Here’s her interview with Rick Eldridge about his new film, “The Mulligan”:

‘The Mulligan’—A Link to Second Chances

Here’s her interview with Art Ayris about his new film, “No Vacancy”:

‘No Vacancy’—Hopeful Care and Habitation for the Homeless

Here’s her interview with David A.R. White about his new ventures and the state of redemptive movies:

David A.R. White: Redemptive Films Reach New Pinnacles 

Here’s her article about the movie, “Dear Evan Hansen” and her interview with director, Stephen Chbosky:

Powerful Cinematic Musical Adds Critical, Current Understanding About Teens

Here’s her interview with Andrew Erwin, co-director of “American Underdog”:

‘America Underdog’—Hope in Life and Film

Here’s her article about the movie, “The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire” and her interview with Producer/Director, Timothy Mahoney:

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire’

Here’s her article about the movie, “A Father’s Legacy” and her interview with the movie’s writer, director, and actor, Jason Mac:

‘A Father’s Legacy’—A Timely Movie That Motivates

Here’s her article about the movie, “A Week Away” and her interview with the movie’s actors and producer:

‘A Week Away’—Finding Jubilant Freedom and Connection

Here’s her article about the movie, “Faith Under Fire” and her interview with actor Kevin Sorbo:

‘Faith Under Fire’—Authentically Inspiring

Here’s her article about the movie, “Against the Tide” and her interview with actor Kevin Sorbo:

‘Against the Tide’—Interconnecting Faith, Science, and History

Here’s her article about the movie, “The Colors of Character: An Artist’s Journey to Redemption” and her interview with artist Steve Skipper:

‘Colors of Character’—Faith, Civil Rights and Racial Reconciliation

Here’s her article about the movie, “The Order of Rights,” and her interview with with actor and producer Julie Silcott:

‘The Order of Rights’—A Sacred Value

Here’s her article about the movie, “Greyhound,” and her interview with Director Aaron Schneider:

‘Greyhound’—The Importance of Knowing History

Here’s her recent interview with Texas musician/businessman Art Greenhaw:

Catching Up with Grammy Winner, Art Greenhaw

She recently conducted an interview with the founder of ‘Living Alive,’ Dr. Hormoz Shariat:

‘Iran Alive’ Serves Fastest-Growing Christian Populations

She recently conducted an interview with Living Water International’s Jerry Wiles:

Jerry Wiles: Providing Physical, Spiritual, and Living Water

She also spoke with people who are making a difference in the Mission Field:

Medical Missionary Wins Gerson L’Chaim Prize

From the Front Lines of an African Medical Mission

Wild Abandon & Surrender to God Lead to ‘Living Hope’ Documentary

It’s no surprise that there is a general mindset that the movies and television that are currently coming out of Hollywood are all about sex and violence, doom and gloom. But the Good News is that there are faith-based films and television that are currently being produced to shine a light on a darkened world and help plant and spread the seeds of hope.  Diane has been able to conduct a number of behind-the-scenes interviews with various role models in redemptive movies and television in which producers, directors, writers, actors and more provide enlightening insights.

Here are some of those interviews:

“I Still Believe”

“Run the Race”

“The Young Messiah”

“Stands Beautiful”

Acclaimed Director, Dome Karukoski on his movie, “J. R. R. Tolkien”

Jonathan Pitts on his Case for Christian Masculinity, “Kingdom Men Rising”

Tim Mahoney on his Patterns of Evidence: “The Moses Controversy”

Steve Cleary on “Pilgrim’s Progress” and Serving Persecuted Christians

Jay and Sofia Lyons on “The Long Goodbye: The Kara Tippets Story”

Jake McEntire’s “Run the Race”

T.D. Jakes’ “A Dog’s Way Home (Life is a Journey)”

Grammy Award Winner Francesca Battistelli in concert with Andrea Bocelli – Music as a Prayer

Louis Zamperini’ s son, Luke Zamperini on “Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Tim Janis: “Buttons”

Brigham Taylor’s “Christoper Robin”

Katie Miller’s “Moses”

Randy Hartley’s “Beautifully Broken”

Kay Wyma; “Not the Boss of Us”

LaDainian Tomlinson: “God Bless the Broken Road”

“An Interview With God” Shows the Power of Prayer

Chloe Howard “Stands Beautiful”

Bart Millard: The True Story Behind “I Can Only Imagine”

Caitlin Leahy: The Message of “Samson”

Kevin Downes: The Power of Forgiveness

Nick Hall: Prayer and Unity Among Millennials

Kirk Cameron: Parent-Child Connection in Digital Age

Shaunti Feldhahn: Finding Rest

Bob Lepine: “Like Arrows”

Mark Ciardi: “Chappaquiddick”

Jon Graham: New Funding Paradigm

Fragments of Truth: Strong Verification for Reliability of the New Testament

Stephen Chbosky’s “Wonder”

Rebecca Crownover: “My Daddy’s in Heaven

Ted McGinley & Shane Harper: “God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness”

Patrick Walsh Talks About his CBS Series, “Living Biblically”

Christian Movie Director Jon Erwin on the “King of Cool”

Eric Wilson Talks About “Samson”

Denzel Washington Reflects the Love of Christ in “Roman Israel”

Julia Roberts’ New Life-Changing Movie, “Wonder”

“The Star” Animated Family Film Shines Light on Christmas

Dove Channel’s “Frankly Faraci” Season 2 Features Surprise Celebrity Guests

“National Geographic’s ‘The Long Road Home’ Series Honors Veterans”

Tyler Perry: Trusting God and the Power of Forgiveness

“On Wings of Eagles”: The Sequel to “Chariots of Fire”

“I’ll Push You”: A 500-Mile Journey of Faith & Friendship

Kevin Sorbo’s “Let There Be Light” in Theaters

Amanda Stephens Shares How to Ride Again After a Loss

“Same Kind of Different as Me” | Celebrities Advocate for Homeless

“War Room” Actor T.C. Stallings Talks “A Question of Faith”

“6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain” | The Power of Faith

Jennifer Garner on Faith, Healing & “Miracles From Heaven”

Celebrating the Best in Life with “Harry”

Dove Channel’s “Between Seasons” Programming Soars

Kathy Leigh Carter: Reality TV With Integrity

Matthew West: Stories Help With True Identities

God Pursues Jonah (On and Off Stage) for Encore

Fathom Events’ Spectacular, Insightful  Programs

“The Case for Christ”—A Non-Believer’s Easter Story

“Gospel of Mark”—Just in Time for Easter

An Inside Look at “Fences”

“Is Genesis History?”: Where the Bible and Science Converge

Desmond Doss: Strength Under Fire at Hacksaw Ridge

“A United Kingdom”: A Significant Movie for Such a Time as This

Harry Connick, Jr,—Host for “Harry”

Matthew Faraci, Host for “Frankly Faraci”

Real Life Crew Member of “Deepwater Horizon”

Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, cast and crew of “Ben-Hur”

Jennifer Garner, Producers, Real Life Family of “Miracles from Heaven”

Todd Komarnicki, Writer of “Sully”

Cyrus Nowrasteh, Producer, Writer, Director of “The Young Messiah

Beth Nimmo, Rachel Scott’s mother and producer of “I’m Not Ashamed

Mark Henn, Animator, “Moana”

Don Piper, Real-life pastor, “90 Minutes in Heaven

John David Ware, Founder, 168 Film Project

Jackie Carpenter, TV and Movie Producer, “Stand Your Ground” and “The Christian View”

Stephen Bradley, Producer, “Noble

Chipo Chung, Actor, “A.D.”

Sadie Robertson—“God’s Not Dead”

Martha Williamson—“Sealed, Signed, and Delivered”

Movieguide® Red Carpet Interviews, 2016

More Movieguide® Red Carpet Interviews, 2016

Erin Krakow, Actor, “When Calls the Heart

Pascalle Hutton, Actor, “When Calls the Heart”

Martin Cummings, Actor, “When Calls the Heart”

Brian Bird, Writer, Producer, “Captive”

Karen Abercrombie, Actor, “War Room”

Senyo Amoku, “Do You Believe?”

Aaron Burns, Producer, “Beyond the Mask”

Kristopher Polaha, Actor, “Where Hope Grows”

Dallas Jenkins, Director, “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”

Erin Bethea, Actor, “Laughing at the Moon”

“Real-life Heroes/Heroines in Movies”