From the Heart of Andrea Bocelli

By Diane Howard, Ph.D.

One of the most inspiring, beautiful films is coming to the big screen as a special theatrical Fathom Event opening Palm Sunday and continuing throughout Holy Week: April 2, 3, 4 & 6.  Uniquely, it combines world-class musical performances with intimate, thought-provoking conversations across the awe-inspiring Italian countryside. The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli is an exploration of moments that define us, songs that inspire us, and relationships that connect us to what matters most in life.

Blind Bocelli and his wife Veronica travel on horseback along Italy’s Via Francigena, an ancient road traveled by pilgrims for centuries. Along the way, they are joined by friends, including Michael W. Smith, Tori Kelly, Tauren Wells, and TAYA for sacred, awe-inspiring musical performances in a wide variety of styles in some of Italy’s most magnificent venues and majestic locations. Much of the beautiful music is outside in lovely locations accompanied by piano to orchestral groups.

Audiences will be enthralled by The Journey of beautiful music, creation, faith, and love. Bocelli’s children Matteo and Virginia make appearances in this captivating adventure, as well as musicians and singers Katherine Jenkins, Clara Barbier Serrano, 2Cellos, 40 Fingers, and many others.

The skill, range, diversity of the music and musicians in this film are exceptional. The sound engineering is masterful. The cinematography is excellent. This film appeals to all ages, people, and times. The themes of peace, love, hope and much more are especially timely.

In an interview with Francesca Battistelli, who has sung with Bocelli, I asked many questions about Bocelli, music, faith… Bocelli has said that Music is like a Prayer. Here are further insights from that interview:

DH: What have you learned about the faith of Andrea Bocelli and the relationship of his faith to his music? 

FB: Andrea Bocelli is a man of faith and family.

DH: How does music enhance faith?

FB:  Music is a gift from God. It enables us to connect with Him and to know Him.

DH: In what ways can music enhance our relationship with God?

FB:  As we worship Him through music, we express ourselves to Him and hear Him.

DH: Can music enhance our relationship with others?

FB:  It enables us to connect and to have a conversation with others.

DH: Tell us how a duet affects our corporate faith.

FB:  It shows how we live in community.

DH: How does music affect our communal faith?

FB:  It connects us and enables us to feel and sense God’s presence together.

DH: Do artistry and aesthetics affect our faith?

FB:  God created the beauty of the earth. Artistry and aesthetics draw us to Him.

DH: How does music affect our emotions and minds, leading us to good action?

FB:  Music affects our feelings first, then leads us to thinking, then to receiving the Word, and then to acting on it.

DH: Can singing be a prayer?

FB:  Singing can be conversations with the Lord.

DH: How can we bring glory to God through music?

FB: We bring glory to Him when we create and reflect Him as Creator. Our faith and worship bring glory to Him.

This Easter, join in this inspiring journey of hope, beauty, and song on the big screen. Join in The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli—a special theatrical Fathom Event opening Palm Sunday and continuing throughout Holy Week: April 2, 3, 4 & 6. 

Watch the trailer here: