‘Against the Tide’—Interconnecting Faith, Science, and History

By Diane Howard, Ph.D.

In the stunning movie, “Against the Tide”, delightful, renowned Oxford professor and mathematician, John Lennox travels the globe with Kevin Sorbo, veteran actor (“Hercules,” “God’s Not Dead”) discussing and showcasing how science and history verify the accuracy and veracity of Scripture.

In this film with stunning cinematography, Lennox memorably and clearly shares compelling evidence that science and history not only align with scripture, but actively support the biblical accounts. It has been the life-long passion of this internationally-renowned speaker and author on the interface of science, philosophy, and religion. Lennox breaks down the arguments and issues most often cited in apologetics debates, reflecting on the several very public, sold-out encounters he has had with well-known atheists Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Peter Singer, and Michael Shermer, among others. In the interchanges in these debates, Professor Lennox, with his delightful personality and Irish dialect, demonstrates as a role model of debate his highly appealing persuasion skills from which all can learn.

Sorbo and Lennox travel from Oxford to Cambridge to Israel, experiencing firsthand many of the sites that are key to fully understanding science, history, and faith.  Sorbo probes Lennox on the issues and finds not only compelling answers but deeper questions as well. Camera, production, cinematography work for this film are highly engaging and inspiring.

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Here is my insightful, exclusive interview with Kevin Sorbo:

DH: Professor Lennox is delightful and masterful in debate and substantive discussions. How would you describe his appealing persuasion skills?

KS: His demeanor, gentle soul, love, along with his humor, stating facts, and distilling complex issues to the basics are appealing. In discussing evolution for example, he asks about who built it, who started it, as well as where does consciousness or man’s mind come from.

DH: What are key take-way lessons learned from this movie?

KS: Faith is always under attack. There are always roadblocks. But we have truth and hope.

DH: What else can we learn from this movie?

KS: We have the light and can have courage, faith and not be afraid.

DH: Why is this movie timely?

KS: As we reach a tipping point in our country and world, we are dealing with a lot of fear. We must stand against the tide, especially of fear.

DH: What do we learn about God in this movie?

KS: God is not the government. He is above men. Those who see the movie can learn a lot about apologetics and should plan to take notes.

DH: What especially impressed you in making this movie?

KS: When I was able to stand on the balcony where Pilate stood when he released Barabbas rather than Jesus, the reality really sunk in as it did when I stood where Jesus ascended. No other religion has an ascension marker.  

DH: What kinds of movies do you like to make?

KS: Positive ones.

DH: How do faith content movies give audiences hope?

KS: They present educational lessons that create in us the desire to learn more.

DH:  How do faith-content movies give audiences faith?

KS: They present reality, such as this movie does, as it is set in Israel.

DH: How do faith content movies give audiences give audiences courage?

KS: They show how to problem solve.

DH: How can we pray for you?

KS: We need more producers of good faith content movies.

 Against the Tide is a new feature-length documentary on the life, work, and mission of legendary University of Oxford professor, mathematician, and philosopher Dr. John Lennox.  Lennox has devoted a lifetime in a rigorous investigation of the critical question “Do science and history refute the validity of the Bible and the Christian worldview?”

“Against the Tide” outlines some of the most challenging accusations that science makes against scripture. Through compelling conversations and visual explorations, Professor Lennox sets the record straight, as he stands against the tide of disinformation and proclaims the undeniable Truth.  Created by Pensmore Films, “Against the Tide” takes viewers on a journey from Oxford to Israel as Lennox and Sorbo unpack theological and scientific evidence of God, culminating in the Holy Land to experience the verifiable evidence about the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Viewers will be educated, informed, and edified in their faith, giving them the confidence and tools to defend their own faith as they also stand Against The Tide.

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“Now, more than ever, there are many powerful voices portraying science and Christianity as fundamentally incompatible,” states Executive Producer Steven Huff. “Dr. Lennox is one of today’s leading academic voices dispelling this false choice and standing strong against the tide of misinformation and confusion.”

Lennox stands firm: “Properly understood, the evidence inexorably points to the existence of a creator God.”

Diane Howard, Ph.D. is a dialogue, dialect and voice-over coach, as well as a journalist who writes about the role of faith in movies and in the entertainment field. Her website is dianehoward.com.