Articles on Faith, Inspiration and Redemption

Today there is a great need for faith—in its simplicity and power. With everything that is going on in our world, country and culture, more and more, we see people returning to the “faith of our fathers.” So, are we on the verge of a “new awakening” and/or “revival?” It has happened before, both in America and even before America was a country. The question really is, will we trust in human knowledge, technology, and all of these things that we can “see,” or will we be able to reach out and rely on the true and original Innovator and Creator Who made us in His image? Here are the links to a few articles by Dr. Diane Howard and David Ray Skinner that address these issues:

Performance Lessons Learned from History

Reel Faith, Inspiration, and Redemption

Shining Light Christian Streaming

Return to the Promised Land

Beauty Out of Ashes 

God’s Ironies and Paradoxes

It’s All About Relationship

Stories of Moviemakers and Faith

Today there is a great need to read about the faith, integrity, and high standards of redemptive moviemakers.  Here are fascinating stories that meet those needs. Behind-the-scenes stories like these are enlightening and role-modeling. Honest, realistic stories of moviemakers and their faith they inspire admiration because in their work of movie making, “All that glitters is not gold.” They are role models of faith that helps them to get on the right path when they stray, sustains them, gives them courage, and motivates their perseverance.

Here are stories of redemption and outstanding work by moviemakers of faith:

John Wayne — Faith, Patriotism, and Love Letters to God

Doris Day — Finding Peace Through Faith

Della Reese — Living by Faith

Steve McQueen — How the King of Cool Found Jesus

Jerry Lewis — Faith and Family are No Laughing Matter

Duke Ellington — The Faith and Jazz of a Great American Talent

Debbie Reynolds The Faith and Legacy of an American Sweetheart

Florence Henderson  The Faith and Standards of a Beloved TV and Film Personality

Ronald Reagan  The Faith and History of an American Hero

Gary Cooper The Faith and Restoration of an American Leading Man

Patricia Neal The Faith and Redemption of an American Leading Lady

Jane Russell The Faith and Principles of an American Beauty

Mickey Rooney The Faith and Miracles in the Life of a Longtime American Entertainer

Pearl Bailey — The Faith and Overcoming of an African American Star

Frank Capra The Faith and Resolution of a Classic Filmmaker

Both Diane and David are contributors to The Christian View Magazine,  Diane as film writer and reviewer and David as Art Director.