Redemptive Family Movies & Media

Redemptive movies and media highlight the transition of a person or an event that becomes positive and worthy from a former negative state. Redemptive and family films present realistic, naturalistic, and honest stories in which the characters go on ultimately edifying journeys that lead them towards positive results from that which was originally negative, toward reconciliation, and toward Truth. Redemptive movies have edifying stories that reveal universal ideas and lift viewers from negativism, cynicism, and/or pessimism to what is positive, renewing, and hopeful. Although, they present honest, difficult struggles, they turn what is paralyzing, degrading and debilitating to what is freeing, beautiful and eternal. These movies reflect the ultimate and eternal Redemption provided by our Lord Jesus Christ. They line up with Biblical Truth and Reality.

Excellent redemptive movies have the following elements: Universal Truth and appeal, captivating visual elements, multi-dimensional characters, use of the unexpected, thought-provoking content, rich use of language, human interest, heart-felt appeal, honest character development, engaging action and more.

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