Too often, there is the mindset that movies and television coming out of Hollywood are all about sex and violence, doom and gloom. But the Good News is that there are faith-based films and television that are currently being produced to shine a light on a darkened world and help plant and spread the seeds of hope.  We have conducted a number of behind-the-scenes interviews with the role models in redemptive movies and television. Producers, directors, writers, actors and more provide enlightening insights.

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“The Case for Christ”—A Non-Believer’s Easter Story

“Gospel of Mark”—Just in Time for Easter

An Inside Look at ‘Fences’

“Is Genesis History?”: Where the Bible and Science Converge

Desmond Doss: Strength Under Fire at Hacksaw Ridge

“A United Kingdom”: A Significant Movie for Such a Time as This

Harry Connick, Jr,—Host for “Harry”

Matthew Faraci, Host for “Frankly Faraci”

Real Life Crew Member of “Deepwater Horizon”

Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, cast and crew of “Ben-Hur”

Jennifer Garner, Producers, Real Life Family of “Miracles from Heaven”

Todd Komarnicki, Writer of “Sully”

Cyrus Nowrasteh, Producer, Writer, Director of “The Young Messiah

Beth Nimmo, Rachel Scott’s mother and producer of “I’m Not Ashamed

Mark Henn, Animator, “Moana”

Don Piper, Real-life pastor, “90 Minutes in Heaven

John David Ware, Founder, 168 Film Project

Jackie Carpenter, TV and Movie Producer, “Stand Your Ground” and “The Christian View”

Stephen Bradley, Producer, “Noble

Chipo Chung, Actor, “A.D.”

Sadie Robertson—“God’s Not Dead”

Martha Williamson—“Sealed, Signed, and Delivered”

Movieguide® Red Carpet Interviews, 2016

More Movieguide® Red Carpet Interviews, 2016

Erin Krakow, Actor, “When Calls the Heart

Pascalle Hutton, Actor, “When Calls the Heart”

Martin Cummings, Actor, “When Calls the Heart”

Brian Bird, Writer, Producer, “Captive”

Karen Abercrombie, Actor, “War Room”

Senyo Amoku, “Do You Believe?”

Aaron Burns, Producer, “Beyond the Mask”

Kristopher Polaha, Actor, “Where Hope Grows”

Dallas Jenkins, Director, “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”

Erin Bethea, Actor, “Laughing at the Moon”